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Well I get commercially filled growlers at the liquor store with metal lids on them and they stay carbed until opened. I think it just depends on how well the cap is sealed when it gets closed. I proper lid will keep it carbed until opened. Even in between openings it should hold its pressure, albeit at a lower lever because you'll lose some everytime you ...


Most of the growlers that breweries and brew pubs use are not rated for high pressure of bottle conditioning. These are the ones with the screw on caps. They are designed to be filled with pre-carbonated beer. Some growlers with the swing top closures can withstand the increased pressure while the beer is fermenting before the co2 is dissolved into ...


My experience with metal caps is similar to yours with plastic. If you screw them on tight when you fill them, they might stay carbonated 3 days. Once you open them you only have a day or two.


My local brewpub (Victory) has a counter-pressure filler that manages to keep proper carbonation for (seemingly) indefinitely. Though, admittedly, I haven't waited more than a few weeks between filling and drinking, they insist that it will last for months until opened.


I occasionally will fill a couple growlers of beer right from the tap of my keg system to transport some beer somewhere. On occasions I might end-up filling more than I need and stick the full ones in the fridge. I find that the growlers don't hold their pressure well enough and the beer is somewhat flat after a week or so. Now there are plenty of ...

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