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Insecticidal soap can knock them back as well with no harm to the plants. I've got bigger issues in my backyard today... Snow. Way too early and probably going to lose the harvest.


Even if you can't identify the strain, you can try using the cones to brew test batches, to see if it's any good as bittering hops, aroma or flavor. I did this with a batch of random "ornamental" hops, and liked the results enough to try to cultivate them.


I've spoken with hop growers and wholesalers about this before, and short of a DNA analysis there is almost no way to know for certain. You can make a rough guess based on the appearance of the hops and history of the area, but that's about it.


You can still use your hops, however buy some lady bugs or praying mantis' they will destroy the aphids. Also try planting marigolds near the hops it attracts lady bugs.

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