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Ginger by itself has a burn to it--since you'll be brewing with it try a little slice raw. Adding peppers would definately kick up their own fire and could be great, but you'd be surprised how hot ginger alone can be. I've got a batch of this getting close to finishing. Tons of ginger burn, and about 11% alcohol. This is for a 3-gallon batch. 3 gallons ...


I made a 5 gallon batch of extract pale ale and juiced 2.5 lbs of ginger, which was added to the brew and boiled for 30 mins. This brew has the sneaker heat you're looking for. Or at least, it does when i brew it. Re: yeast strain, I used an ale yeast and the brew isn't sweet, but it does have some body. Certainly not a dry ale by any means.


You might want to try a "Cold Crash" first too. Depending on your situation, if you can get your carboy to a location where it is very cold and let it sit over night, you might get it to settle a little more. Put it in a location where you don't have to move it before racking.(Garage?) Not sure if your bottling, but if you are, you might do it in two ...


I made a steamer, put shredded ginger root in the secondary. I used about a pound, it came out pretty strong.


I can't say for sure, as I've never made ginger beer per se, but I have used it in beer before. According to Wikipedia, the main chemical component of fresh ginger's pungency is gingerol, which, when pure, actually scores 60,000 Scoville Heat Units. On drying or cooking, part of the gingerol becomes shogaol, which is more than twice as hot (rating 160,000 ...


The following is pure imagineering. I have never been in the situation you are describing, but thinking about hard ginger-beer, I may have to change that pretty soon. Take this with a grain of salt and other members, please pipe in if necessary. Given the quantity of suspended particles which you are talking about, you might have better luck pouring the ...


What about some cheesecloth or butter-muslin tied around the end of your racking cane that will go in the primary? You could easily sanitize it by boiling or soaking in your choice of no-rinse sanitizer. Using some similar filter on the other end of the racking tube could work too, but I'd be worried about oxidation. You should probably rack the clear beer ...

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