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I will try to carbonate that will give you a beer with 4.0 CO2 then mix that with the same ammount of beer wiout carbonate then spend on the fridge for 24hs. boom you have beer at 2. CO2 ;)


Yes, it will force CO2 into the liquid, but you probably don't want your lovely beer to be as fizzy as your cola. Therefore, if you would use 3 or 4 presses for the Soda, use only 1 or 2 presses for your beer, a bit of experimentation and I am sure it will all be fine. If I were doing it I would carbonate it just before serving and serve it out of the soda ...


A cO2 soda maker won't work well, as these usually have a preset infusion volume of cO2 for soda not beer. Soda has a co2 volume of 4.0 most beer styles are around 2.4 There is a cO2 gun of sorts we use in homebrew that attaches to a 2liter soda bottle and uses beverage co2 cartridges but it's unique in than you can give it shots of cO2. So you can carb up ...


Yes, those machines simply force CO2 into the liquid under pressure so they would work for beer too. The disadvantage is that the CO2 cartridges are relatively expensive, and you can only do a small batch at a time. It is also difficult to control the level of carbonation in any precise manner. DO NOT TRY TO USE GLASS BOTTLES -- the glass for normal beer ...

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