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As brewchez stated it mostly for stouts with a nitro faucet in the homebrew world. But Beergas is preferred commercially if a tap run is really long. The Beergas allows them to push at much higher psi without overcarbonating beer along the way, for all styles of beer.


Most draft systems for homebrewers use just normal CO2. The beer gas of N2 and CO2 is used for 'nitro' dispense depending on the N2/CO2 ratio.


No, length is not a problem. Just coil your beerline and tape it together so that it is not a mess whenever you open the door. CO2 should be outside the fridge. Yes, you can drill through the side, but the door is usually the safest. When drilling through the side, avoid the 5cm around the sides as there are cooling tubes running there. An even better idea ...

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