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I have a few friends that made an apple flavoured beer, they added some apple pulp to the boil, and then added apple slices to the secondary. Regarding the caramel, I'd add it at the end of the boil, just to quickly flash sanitise it.


Seeing how its puree >90% of it will be accessible to the yeast. Whether it all can be fermentable is a different question due to yeast health and the types of sugar (mostly fructose likely) in the fruit/puree. As for the change in gravity its not going to be significant. 1 lb of table sugar in one gallon would be ~1.046SG 190grams is about 42% of a pound. ...


I like the method described by Dogfish Heads Sam Calagione in the book Extreme Brewing Method is to do a fruit addition and rest during the wort chill Chill to 170° and hold for 20 minutes. The book has a nice road map for most popular fruits and their slight temp and time differences. This method is nice as it sanitizes the fruit but doesn't cook it and ...

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