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I would use cider yeast (like WLP775 or WYeast 4766). I think strong hop flavors would be out of place, so I would go for aged hops (like people do for p-lambic), and something low-alpha with citrus notes (Strisselspalt would fit the bill). I agree you should ditch the molasses – mojitos are typically made with white rum, which would not have any molasses ...


I'm assuming you mean the mojito cocktail, made with mint and lime. A North Carolina brewery called NoDa Brewing does a mojito-inspired beer called the NoDajito. You might want to look into that for inspiration. They went all the way with the mojito theme and used mint leaves and lime zest. I'm not quite sure why you'd want to add molasses to the beer, or ...


Hmmn that’s an interesting one I would probably drop the molasses and swap to agave syrup and use Citra hops 3-5 grams and then do a dry hop with a bunch of mint. Also since a mojito has a very clean flavor profile I would probably do a lager of some sort so that at least narrows down your yeast a little. Assuming your talking about making a beer like a ...


I would think they would have a similar yield per pound as strawberries. I juiced 6lb of strawberries for 64oz (1/2 gallon) of juice.

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