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I'd say your plan sounds reasonable, if a bit involved. A stab at your primary question: to avoid hassle you'll want to use a mesh bag of some kind, to keep solids out, and the beer clear. It needs to be BIG so that you get good surface area exposed in solution. Also tie it to a string so you can pull it out when finished. Also, a few thoughts went up in my ...


This is not only fine, but many recipes recommend adding extract at bottling time so that you start with a small amount, taste it, and add more to adjust as needed. For example, see Jamil's Chocolate Hazelnut Porter from Brewing Classic Styles. You can use a medicine dropper, liquid medicine syringe (for children or pets) or pipette to take a measured amount,...


You should be fine adding the extract at bottling. Consider the bottle conditioning as an extension of the secondary ferment. I had a lager that got a yeast taint in the secondary. I added raspberry extract at bottling. It wasn't just a "save" for a lost brew, it turned out to be a fantastic "Lambic' style beer. Kiwi Bruce


The ingredients you posted on the other question Orange- oil of orange, alcohol, water. Watermelon-propylene glycol, alcohol, water, natural watermelon flavor don't contain any fermentables, so you should add priming sugar also. Go easy on the amount - 4oz in 5 gallons is the upper limit what you need, so you could start with less than that, e.g 3oz....

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