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Hmm some interesting notes here! I'm having a huge foam/flat beer problem. I keg, half assed keg to say the least. I have no regulator, the beer isn't chilled (winter garage is 6deg C) and I try and naturally carbonate. I have co2 to help the end of the keg. The beer is one year old, so should be carbonated, but did it turn the corner and go flat? I might ...


You might just need more time. I usually let mine go for 7-10 days total before. 5 days seems a little short to me even with your 30PSI upfront charge.


The carbonation process shouldn't matter with respect to your altitude. Inside your keg is a closed system. So the same rules of temperature and pressure applied will get you the same volumes of CO2. The rate at which the beer 'de-carbs' in the glass IS effected by your altitude however. So if you find that the beer is getting too flat to quickly, well ...

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