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I have tried this. My soda stream is still sticky because of it. It is not advised.


No personal experience, but I have heard that while this is not what the sodastream is for (instructions say to ONLY carbonate water), it can be done with success. The method is as follows: get the beer/cider into the soda stream bottle. Get as cold as possible (like 32*F). Attach to Soda Stream. Use ONE 2-second pull of the lever (as opposed to ...


If you have access to a CO2 tank and ball lock adapter, I'd suggest using that and The Carbonater. I've seen the kind of mess that can be created when using non-water liquids in a soda stream, it could potentially totally ruin the soda stream, aside from getting foamy sticky beer/grape juice/etc everywhere. Definitely wait the recommended time so that the ...


Hmm some interesting notes here! I'm having a huge foam/flat beer problem. I keg, half assed keg to say the least. I have no regulator, the beer isn't chilled (winter garage is 6deg C) and I try and naturally carbonate. I have co2 to help the end of the keg. The beer is one year old, so should be carbonated, but did it turn the corner and go flat? I might ...

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