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Another thing... don't use bleach! At your local brew shop, you'll find a product called StarSan. It's probably the most popular product for sanitizing stuff, for a very good reason. It works and it's easy to use. You won't have a Clorox smell to deal with and bleach can be a pain to rinse out completely and is disastrous to your stainless steel. That ...


Make sure you sanitize everything. Make sure you aerate your wort properly before pitching your yeast. Make sure you've got an air tight seal on your FV along with suitable blow off. As Denny said, try to control your fermentation temp. And be patient when it's fermenting. Don't open the vessel, don't shake it. Just relax and let it happen.


Fermentation temperature is often overlooked and it's really the key to making good beer. If you don't control the temp, everything else you do doesn't really matter. I prefer most beers to ferment in the 63-65F range. Whatever you do, don't let the beer get over 70F. That's beer temp, not room temp. Due to the heat created during fermentation, the beer ...


I've brewed for years without starsan. Bleach, as mentioned in the above link, is good for fermenters and bottles. Extra contact time (a few hours if possible) doesn't hurt. Keep away from metals, especially copper. Rinse away with boiled water. High concentrations are still my favorite for dissolving a mold colony in a hurry. Boiling: good for small ...


Can't you smell the alcohol, I'm having the same problem. Using a five gallon bucket with 2 gallons of mash. I can here it bubbling, and smell the alcohol(I think!!) But airlock isn't really moving its been 2 days, and I didn't know you weren't supposed to take off the lid!!! Ive opened and stirred it 2-3 times now. Any thoughts???

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