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I would recommend that you purchase Brewing Classic Styles. It covers 80+ recipes with lots of details. While you are at it, buy How To Brew. That will teach you how to make great beer. For recipes, go to


As Robert said about cooling. Stay away from Lagers until you get some experience and most important heating and cooling for lager fermentation. Lagers require a diacetyl rest where you usually need heating in addition to cooling. A Blonde Ale was actually my very first brew. I recommend getting an Ale extract kit that has some steeping grains to get your ...


Many Pilsner or Helles recipes only use Pilsen Malt (e.g., 4kg) and one kind of hops (e.g., 30 and 40 grams of Hallertauer pellets). Or try a German wheat beer. A web search will turn up plenty of recipes. As a beginner you probably don't have cooling like a chest freezer for fermentation, but depending on where you live you may have a garage or basement ...


As they have concluded, airlock was giving a false positive for non fermination. Review No airlock action. Causes: dry airlock, no c02 generation, bad fermentor seal. Visual pictures go a long way, since you did open the fermentor ( not recomended) a pic may have let a member identify krausen line, and confirm fermentaion.


If you're using a malt extract then there isn't really much you can do to make an unfermentable wort. Warm it up, it will start fermenting. It helps to have one of those stick on thermometers on the side of your fermentation vessle.

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