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IMO it's not a big deal unless you are entering your beer in a competition. However if you want to try to clean it up try whirfloc tablets and maybe get a second vessel to transfer to before bottling.


I've always used a whirlfloc tablet (last 15min of boil) and a wort chiller and my beer comes out really clear (usually). I find it doesn't impact the beer in any way (whether is clear or cloudy) just, like you said, some people are put off by it.


I've never had much success with gelatine finings. It's my understanding it works best when the beer is cold. If it isn't, fining with gelatine can create a protein haze that might not be there otherwise. Such is my understanding, anyhow, and the few times I've tried it (in the distant, distant past) would seem to confirm it. Haze, whatever the cause, ...


IMHO some beers need to be clear (Pils, K├Âlsch), some can be cloudy (Wheat beers). It's part of the style, just like bitterness or sweetness. For IPA, the BJCP style guide at http://www.bjcp.org/2008styles/style14.php says mostly clear, but can be a little cloudy. Cloudiness give a beer a certain "craft" or "homemade" touch. If you like the taste, I would ...

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