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Any way you take a sample (unless it's from a pressurized vessel with an outlet) will draw air in. As you suspect, it should be a small amount, and given that your beer A) may still be fermenting (which CO2 will help strip any introduced oxygen out of the beer) and B) definitely still has yeast in it (which will scavenge oxygen, as long as it's still alive), ...


Since CO2 is heavier than oxygen, it won't escape the container unless you have a wind blowing over the opening. Also, the beer will be generating more CO2 as i ferments, so even if any escapes, more will replace it. I don't think it would be a problem to leave a small hole.


Did you add water after you put the rest of the stuff in the fermenter? If so you got incomplete mixing and a false OG.


It could be that starch from the rice was released over time into solution, raising the specific gravity. Starch has the same effect as sugar on specific gravity, as it increases the density of the solution.


Unless you added more sugars to the wort after taking the OG reading, it wouldn't be possible for the FG to be higher. As you more than likely know, the Hydrometer measures buoyancy of the liquid. The physics of it works like this: Pure water will have a gravity of 1.000. However, the more sugar you add to the water will make it lean towards a syrup, and ...


1) Dry mead usually turns out like a light dry wine with the floral hints of the honey coming through. 2) In my experience yes. 3) split the batch and see. 4) split the batch and see. 5) I usually do it just before bottling. But ensure I make sure to use a strong bottle in case some yeast slid past and turns it into sparkling mead. 6) Definitely split ...


It is a bit late, but have you tried just moving the fermenter to a warmer environment? If I get a "stuck ferment" my first step is to move the beer to a warmer area. The second step is to agitate the fermenter (and thereby the yeast) a bit by a bit of shaking or swirling. I do not open the fermenter! Hope you got your FG.

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