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An s-type airlock allows air in, but the liquid remains in the airlock rather than getting sucked in


I have largely found the "miracle" of champagne yeast to be a myth. It hasn't worked well for me. The failings of pitching dried champagne yeast is primarily due to two things. First, champagne yeast prefers to ferment the simpler sugars found in grape must. A stuck ferment in a malt based wort generally has a higher ration of complex sugars to the simple ...


There is a trick to pulling a small sample or drawing yeast. Use a 1" blow off tube of ample length to reach the bottom of a bubbler jar on the floor. The volume in the tube is enough to draw a small sample, as you draw the sample you will see the sanitizer suck up in the tube, don't let it crest the arch and you're ok. For a large draw you can use a ...


Fortunately dry yeast has matured past the aerobic stage for dehydration and packaging. You will be ok to transfer to a fermenter and try a repitch of dry yeast with out oxygen. This will limit cell reproduction but you shouldn't need a large colony to finish the fermentaion. I would try a single pack of an ale yeast first, as champaign yeast will consume ...

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