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Short answer: sure, that is fine and jsled is absolutely right. Long answer: the other thing to consider is just don't bother with blowoff, which I assume is the reason for the bleach water setup, and just use an airlock. I think being really concerned with blowoff is probably a side-effect of following old Charlie Papazian instructions or people who ...


Yes, you can leave the blow-off tube in place if you like. It is just a big airlock, anyways.


A week is a long time, fermentation should occurs in the first 3 days in general. A starting gravity of 1.049 seems good, I got 1.050 for my last batch. I would check the yeast package for the ideal temperature and bring it to the highest point (16C is probably too cold). For instance, WhiteLabs WLP775 Cider Yeast recommends a temperature between 20C and ...


Using an airlock certainly makes handling the vessel easier as it's all self contained, but hopefully you won't have to handle the vessel much. I liked using an airlock because it was a more compact and simple setup. However, after having a batch overflow the airlock and make a mess while I was out of town my wife insists that I use a blow-off. I'm happy ...

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