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Those temps are close enough together that it really doesn't make much difference which you choose. If I had to choose, though, I'd go with the recipe. The temps recommended by yeast manufacturers are very approximate and often too high.


14C is 57F or so. That awfully cool for an ale yeast. Even 16C is only 60F. That's still below their recommended range. While it may be recommended to ferment at lower temperatures, 4C/8F lower than WL's recommended minimum will definitely slow, and possibly halt, fermentation. You said that initial fermentation was "extremely vigorous" so this drop in ...


I just kicked a keg of Helles fermented with WLP940, great yeast! I pitched at 46°F and let it ramp up to 48°F for primary. I used this quick lager method and the beer was fantastic just 3 weeks later.

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