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You should boil the extract to kill off any nasties. (In reality it's probably not that big of a deal, since it should theoretically already be sanitary coming from the manufacturer, especially if it's canned liquid extract) The point of adding extract late is to prevent your wort from darkening. Boiling the extract for the full 60 minutes will cause the ...


When I brew with an extract I boil 4 cups of water, then take it off of the heat, and add my Hopped Malt Extract to the hot water and stir. Once the extract has dissolved into the hot water it gets added to a gallon of chilled water in my fermentor, and then another 4 cups are added to that. Basically, the instructions for my Mr Beer 2 gallon brewing kit.


Other answers mention that this is all about your target original gravity (OG), but they don't mention that it's very simple to figure out what will happen if you dilute your wort. Adding water is largely about changing gravity. If you had too much boil-off your gravity is probably too high, so you want to dilute. If you add too much water you'll end up ...

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