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There is no fault with warming the extract. Some of the companies recommend it as it makes pouring the liquid easier. Good Idea: Placing the can in a basin of hot water Bad Idea: Heating the can on a stovetop or suchlike may cause the can to burst. What I do is warm the can in hot water in the basin while I wait for my brewing water to come to a boil. I ...


I say that it's unnecessary - the malt extract does not need to go into the fridge, since it's sterile from the producer. Also nothing can grow in the malt extract due to the high sugar content, so I'd say the chilling and reheating is just creating extra work. Simply leave the malt extract at room temperature and pour into the pot. If you want to decrease ...


No, there are no consequences to this.


Don't put anything on the grommet on your fermented. The fermentation chamber has a positive pressure of CO2 anyway, so you won't get nasties in there. I would, however, fill the airlock with StarSan (or even cheap vodka) instead of water. For the post brew cleaning, just use OxyClean (or the genericequivalent). Add some water to your kettle, dump a ...

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