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The best way to really start developing your own recipes is by getting (and reading) Brewing Classic Styles. In my opinion, this is one of the best recipe books because it not only has excellent recipes, but also has insights on how the recipes were built and what you might do to tweak it. Incredibly invaluable resource to own. The single best brewing book ...


A fellow turned me onto Brewtarget to help me calculate the specifics of my batches. It's also has some sample recipes to start with. Might help you.


I use The Recipator for estimating gravity, IBUs, and color. This tool provides general ranges for various styles, including IPAs. You should notice the style guidelines for IPA top out at about 7.5% ABV. If you want something a little stronger you'll need to add some extra fermentables and I'd recommend boosting the IBUs in the same proportion. (I.e., if ...

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