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The major bitter compound in hops, the so-called alpha acids, aka humulone, is a terpenoid (derived from terpenes). The primary active ingredient in that "herb" you're smoking, the tetrahydrocannabinoids, are also terpenoids. Both Humulus lupulus (hops) and Cannabis sativa (marijuana) are, in fact, two genera in the family Cannabinaceae. It is entirely ...


'Is this possible that beer could be brewed up somehow with weed?' Sure, in the same way you can put any sort of anything in your beers, as long as you think it will taste good. But to answer the more important question: '[W]ould you get the effects of both beer and pot both?' It would very much depend on how you used it in the process. THC, ...


Yes you can. Simular to cooking with it It can have all the medicinal effects. There is a specific extraction that needs done, it's simple but I don't care to explain the how. As the question was only if it's possible. It's not like a hop addition, or dry hopping. That will only make a skunk beer.


i have created the recipe for you using You can view it here. You can clone the recipe and substitute Pale 2 row with DME, trying to keep the percentages.

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