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I would just rehydrate the packet of yeast in 500mLs of water using a measuring cup. Then just pour 100mLs in each fermentor. The only thing that sounds 'crazy' about your experiment is the water type test. Extract contains the minerals from the original water source used when mashing at the manufacturer. So adding minerals or whatever you plan to do ...


Maybe just skip the kit yeast and get yourself five packs of US-05. That way you know you've got a consistent amount in each, and US-05 is a pretty neutral yeast, so it shouldn't contribute much in the way of additional flavors.


Just build a starter for 5 gallons and split evenly, 1500-2000ml is an average starter. Main benifiet here is to decant the starter wort and only pitch the slurry this will minimize the starters water contribution for your experiment.


Multiple single strain fermentation followed by blending gives much better control over the combined yeast character and is way more reproducible. It goes like this. Split the batch into multiple fermenters, innoculating each with a different yeast strain. You can split the wort volume equally the first time you brew the recipe. Ferment each part optimizing ...

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