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Go to a plastic store, a catering store, or something similar and say you are looking for glass racks. There are many versions and something should work for you. Remember to take a bottle with to measure (width and height). Remember to ask about the weight that the rack can handle (if you want to store full bottles in the rack). OR: Make friends with your ...


Late answer, but here goes: Look through the existing profiles to something that matches your setup the closest. Copy that profile and give it a new name. I have a 3 tier system with a hot liquor tank, a drinks cooler with false bottom for mash tun and a stainless steel kettle. First: get a large measuring jug and fill it to the top value. Pour this into ...


Try FastRack. If you don't want to pay that much, you can use plastic containers with newspaper packed around the bottle to keep them from knocking into each other.


I had a similar problem (with big batches of sauce, not beer) and used a 1/4" copper plate larger than the element to disperse the heat. Worked very well, but wasn't cheap. Aluminum plate might work nearly as well, and would be a lot cheaper.


A simple fix may be to change your element to one with a lower watt density, such as Camco 02965. It has a density of 50W/8.5W per square inch/cm. These elements are longer than regular (HWD) heating elements and so spread the heat over a larger area.

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