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An s-type airlock allows air in, but the liquid remains in the airlock rather than getting sucked in


There is a trick to pulling a small sample or drawing yeast. Use a 1" blow off tube of ample length to reach the bottom of a bubbler jar on the floor. The volume in the tube is enough to draw a small sample, as you draw the sample you will see the sanitizer suck up in the tube, don't let it crest the arch and you're ok. For a large draw you can use a ...


If you have this keg style 5, 7.75, 10 are marked by the bottom rib, middle weld, and top rib Paddle / spoon marks on a keggle rely on hitting that small flat spot in the bottom. I've seen people etch the inside with DIY etching made from a 12v battery charger. There is a trick to the masking using stickers and nail polish. Worth a Google. This is a pot ...


These are all very good answers, and complete. Don't let these shopping lists detour you from starting your first batch. If you can boil water, you can make beer. Beer has been made for thousands of years often in clay pots with magical sticks that unknowingly held a families yeast culture.

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