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If you split a 15 gallon batch into two 7.5 gallon batches, the 30lb grain alone will take up 2.34gallons of volume (30 * 10 / 128), as according to sizing the tun from HowToBrew, grain volume is 10 fluid oz per pound. Plugging in a 7.5 gallon batch at brew365, at a mash thickness of 1.5qt/lb, the water alone is 11.25 gallons. In order to get the mash to ...


I don't think there was much you could do on the fermentation side to fix anything. I'd still have planned ferment it out, plan to dry hop it heavily to try and create a little more balance. Then I'd learn form the experience and get ready to re-brew the beer I wanted to brew. To limit your efficiency, you could sparge a little faster or ease up on the ...

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