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"... so far above an efficiency that BeerSmith is aware of" I'm not exactly sure what you mean by this, I'm positive BeerSmith is aware of efficiencies above 73%. It's very common to get higher efficiency on low-alcohol beers with smaller mashes since you're running proportionally more sparge water through each unit of volume of the mash bed, giving ...


I think that the issue is how both are calculated. is not accounting for losses in your equipment while beersmith is accounting for losses. I think if you took out the losses in beersmith, you would get the same efficiency as brewersfriend.


I do BIAB and my efficiency has varied around 70% from 65% to 75%. I've found that something as simple as stirring my mash 3 times in the 60 minute rest and not stirring it can affect that number greatly. You're outside of the realms of common efficiencies in what you're doing. Certainly I know of people using Beersmith who have efficiencies into the ...

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