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No problem....I go longer than that in buckets regularly. However, dry hopping is one of the few times I still use a secondary. There are interactions between hops and yeast that can increase flowery esters. After experiencing that, I found that I get better dry hop character by getting the beer off the yeast before dry hopping.


No, in fact the rewards almost certainly don't outweigh the risk of oxygen pickup (or contamination) from the rack. This is especially the case if you're not going to be performing a true secondary fermentation (i.e. bottle- or keg-conditioning). Even if you are, best to rack straight into the bottle or keg so that any ill effects of oxygen pickup will be ...


It's likely that your pellets had some very finely chopped hops in them. They have escaped the bag and triggered a bit of bubble formation in the beer, bringing them to the top of the beer. Hopefully they'll stick to the fermenter when you rack or bottle.

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