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You will definitely not hurt it by letting it go longer. The only way to know if a beer is finished is to take a gravity reading. Not by bubbles, not by krausen, not by the calendar.


Well first of all, you can't really turn around a 1.090 Lager in two months time (7/19 - 9/29). Its going to need 3 months of lagering minimum AFTER fermentation is totally done. So if you really want beer that's "more than good" for your wedding, then you need to brew a backup Ale right now that has a short maturation period. (I suggest a wheat beer, like a ...


It is true that a hydrometer reading is likely the best way to tell. If you don't have a hydrometer wait till the yeast sediments to the bottom. Then it is wise to transfer to a secondary fermenter, which it sounds like you are not doing. Then wait till the yeast sediments out again and typically that is a great time to bottle. Another nice thing about ...


It sort of depends on whether the Mr.Beer doppelbock kit actually uses lager yeast. If they recommend 68-78F it very well just be a clean ale yeast like american/california ale yeast. The best thing is to see what happens as per the instructions. Then change your practice the next time if the flavor warrants a change. Have no fear though it will ferment ...

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