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Campden doesn't kill cultured yeast, at least not at the levels you'd want to use it at without significantly hindering the flavor and aroma of your beer. The problem with using Campden (Potassium Metabisulfite) is that it adds significant levels of free and bound SO2 to your beer. This will cause your beer to smell and taste like sulfur. Wine is ...


Clean it with warm sanitizer. Fill it with normal strength sanitizer and leave it over night. It will be good to go IMO. Clean and sanitizer the lid also really well.


Have used plastic, glass, and stainless fermentors with bacteria and yeast without them infecting the next batch. Just need to make sure you do a good clean and proper sanitization. As always, there are many caveats: Are the fermenters cleanable and sanitizable? Do they have scratches or hiding places (see valves) Can you really clean and sanitize the ...


What's the condition of the infected pail? If it's a really old pail, there might be hard to clean scratches and cracks that can harbor the infection into your next batch. That said, I think if you are careful with washing it out multiple times and following the standard sanitization routine, it's probably safe to keep the bucket.

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