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Took a bit of searching around GIS, but as I thought, looks like there's nothing under there: For repair/recover, best option would probably be to clean both sides well with alcohol or Ronsonol, and use something like JB Weld to 'glue' it back on. Might help to scuff up both sides (maybe with sandpaper) to help it adhere, too. Since we're talking about ...


The only issue I can see is potentially overwhelming the blow-off setup by sending in three primary fermentations worth of foam through one dip tube, since you indicate you'd set this system at the start of fermentation. Between the long, skinny dip tube and all the narrow passages through posts and fittings, I could imagine some of the really chunky first ...


I imagine some flow of foam between kegs might be possible, but not necessarily bad. Almost a Burton Union system if done right. I would make sure that each keg has it's own relief valve (these are cornies, right?) and try to use clear tubing as much as possible, so you can see that foam is flowing and each keg is fermenting on schedule.

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