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You can use the pressure from fermentation to transfer from the fermenter to a serving keg. First, you'll want a spunding valve on the fermenter to control the pressure by releasing gas after the target pressure has been reached. When fermentation is complete, pressurize the serving keg with CO2 to slightly less pressure than what's showing on the ...


I think what will end up happening is something likeā€¦ After lag and reproduction, the yeast will start to ferment, and pressure will build up on the fermenting corny. This will slowly push still-fermenting wort into the second carboy, though perhaps following some of the trub that will have settled out first. At some point, the two cornys will reach an ...


I see a potential problem in that as the first waves of beer flow out into the secondary keg, they aren't yet done fermenting. So its like you're racking some of the beer to secondary on the very first day of fermenation. I would worry that this would shock the yeast somehow in the secondary keg and you'd get a stalled out fermentation there. Furthermore, ...


I'm having a hard time picturing what you're talking about, but it should work as long as you have the two key components: A pick-up tube that goes to the bottom of the keg A seal good enough to withstand the pressure of the co2


It should work. I think that the length of the threading isn't much. It might not even be as tall as a standard hose clamp so there isn't much to 'grab' onto. But it doesn't hurt to try. You might be able to find female threaded hose barb you could but on there too give you a better tube connection.

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