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I can't comment yet, so here is a link. The link takes you to a BYO article that does a good job of explaining adjuncts in brewing.


Yes you can mash with popped corn, it can be thought of basically as torrified corn. You do not, however want to get the buttery flavor that we typically associate with popcorn in your beer so make sure you use an air popper beforehand. You are going to get the typical corn flavors come through, not necessarily a "popcorn" flavor, if that is what you are ...


Corn will lighten the body of the beer and add a slightly sweet, "corny" flavor. It's subtle, but it's there. Corn is not just a way to cut corners. One of the finest Trappist breweries, Rochefort, reportedly uses corn in their beers.


Classic Cream Ales which are an American contribution to the world of beer have use flacked maize or corn as a staple ingredient for three centuries. It started out as a way to brew when barley was in short supply and expensive cutting the cost of the Grist. Cream Ales are generally lighter, less ABV, and refreshing. They do have a slight background hint of ...


Flaked corn does lighten the body. Body is basically thick malty sweetness, so thinning out that malty sweetness with something that ferments completely lightens the body. (I'm not sure why Tobias is suggesting adding alcohol without sweetness doesn't lighten the body, diluting the sweetness with alcohol, or water, or anything non-sweet is the definition of ...


I have made two batches of beer using air popped corn. They were extract ales, my first batch used 1lb of corn, my second batch used 2 lbs of popped corn, it takes a while to dissolve the popped corn in a kettle, but it will fit. The first time I had it was from a micro brewery for a popcorn festival, and I was surprised as it was good, so I just had make ...


One reason is that there are some beer styles that rely on the corn flavor: for example, the Classic American Pilsner, aka Pre-Prohibition Pilsner, gets a lot of its flavor character from corn: BJCP style description

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