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Do not add the grounds. Add the liquid. And a gal. sounds like WAY too much. When I make a coffee beer, generally a cup or two of strong coffee is plenty.


Though I admire your efforts tremendously, wouldn't it be easier to go with a more straightforward recipe for your 1st non-kit brew? Just my opinion, but it might help you hone your skills. Vanilla, Coffee, Oatmeal, Milk? All in the same brew? Why not just start with an Oatmeal Stout first?


You don't want to boil the grains, that will make the beer very harsh and astringent (like tea that has stewed too long.) Looks like you got it backwards - start at 165°F to steep the grains, then remove the grains and then turn on the heat bring the liquid to a boil. You need to steep both the grains and oats in hot water - so that the whole mixture ...

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