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From the ingredients found on beeradvocate I tossed them in BrewR to get the numbers close. This should be a good start to a clone recipe. Widmir Brrr Batch size: 12.0 gal Boil volume: 13.5 gal OG: 1.072 FG: 1.018 Bitterness (IBU): 51.2 Color (SRM): 16.9 ABV: 7.0% Grain/Sugars: 15.00 lb Two-row (US), 44.8% 15.00 lb Munich (German), 44.8% 1.00 lb ...


i have created the recipe for you using You can view it here. You can clone the recipe and substitute Pale 2 row with DME, trying to keep the percentages.


I'm sure you can find a good base recipe from the other answers, here's some suggestions for your modifications. More Malt consider a small Melonoiden Malt addition for Maillard notes (biscuit, bread crust, carmel) More Body Body is mainly controlled by mash temperatures. Specifically the higher end of alpha-amylase temps for fuller body beers.

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