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Chlorine or Caustic/Alkaline will corrode the oxide layer on aluminium; don't use them. You could use a sanitizer that is based on Phosphoric acid or similar and another option would be an iodine solution. You can circulate boiling water through the chiller to ensure there is no residue before storage and again before usage; that will sanitize it.


Maybe Depends on your sanitation process. If just washing and sanitizing with no rinse sanitizer then drying on a bottle tree. Then No. This is best at the time of bottling. If you want to prep bottles the day before use your oven! I prefer this method as it doesn't use sanitizer that can give slight acid taste of not completely vacated. Wash bottles ...


tl;dr NO It depends on the conditions you store it. If it's like an usual home, sanitizing too far before bottling is pointless. Do it right before. If you have a separate room, properly tiled, regularly cleaned to high standards etc, one that meets appropriate norms, then it might be safe to store sanitized bottles overnight all right. But things like ...


I would suggest circulating boiling WATER through the chiller first to sanitize it, rather than using the wort to sanitize it. In that scenario, anything unclean in those tubes ends up in your beer. I usually boil some water in my kettle before the actual boil (either while the beer is mashing for all-grain, or before anything else for extract) and send ...

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