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Artificial drinks - no Most of them contains preservatives that will kill your fermentation. And if fermentation will not be killed, sugar and water will imbalance original design of your recipe. Juices - no Juices are usually around 1.04 as far as I know, and you went with 1.06, so this will restart your fermentation and dilute the effect. Condensed ...


If I was after a sweet/medium cider the I'd go for an Ale yeast, a medium/dry cider a wine yeast and one as dry as the Sahara Champagne yeast. I am guessing a Saison would be dry and full of yeasty esters :) Regarding apples you can make tasty drinkable cider with most apples, but for a full bodied cider you will want to get hold of some cider apples as ...


The microbes that are present in the juice (from the skins of the apple and on the press itself) will eventually replicate and start to metabolize the sugars in the juice. If, by "bad", you mean "poisonous or harmful to you", then the answer is that it will not be harmful or bad, except for the harmful effects of alcohol. The acids and alcohol created by ...


Not sure if you're doing a secondary fermentation, but that always helps to clarify whatever your brewing, be it cider, wine, or beer. It will be much easier and produce a better result than attempting to run through filters.

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