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A couple of things First, the "funky bittery, acetone-ish" flavors are most likely fusel alcohols that yeast likes to throw off when it's under stress. One way to prevent this is to make sure it has enough nutrients (particularly nitrogen). In the mead world, this is usually resolved with the addition of nutrients such as Fermaid K and diammonium phosphate ...


If you carbonate it, that carbonation should give it a perceived fuller body. Aside from that, you could try adding some grape tannin or some acid blend, as those should help it feel fuller and more complex. Here's a pretty decent primer from the Norther Brewer on basic cider making that covers these points in brief: ...


Your cider is very young to draw many conclusions. In my experience, you have to think of cider more like wine than beer. Give it another 6 months of conditioning and it should taste better. You can add lemon, acid blend, grape tannin...a lot things to "liven it up". Start with a small amount, taste and adjust. But above all, give it time.


If you freeze and add sugar later ... remember that it could start to ferment again.

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