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That is some sort of pellicle. Almost looks like a Wyeast Roeselare sour blend pellicle (Just as something to compare it too). Yeast, even wild yeast, would have settled out by now. Its impossible to tell type of wild contaminant you have there. It is likely a blend of your yeast (which was what?), wild yeast and bacteria. The good thing is at least in ...


Ciders run a higher risk of infection from bacteria and more commonly a wild yeast. This is why everything the cider must touches needs to be sanitized with a product like starsan. Brewing beer has the advantage of a boil and hop antimicrobial properties. But once the wort begins to chill it's vulnerable to infections, just not as much as a cider must. ...


Impede the yeast activity with either sorbate or metabisulfite. Then add the sweetener of choice in the bottling phase to taste. Bottle from there.


I would think they would have a similar yield per pound as strawberries. I juiced 6lb of strawberries for 64oz (1/2 gallon) of juice.

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