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Unless you were planning on heating the juice itself to a high enough temperature to kill anything in it, it's not really going to matter. Any bacteria or wild yeasts present on the inside of the carboy will also be in the juice itself already. If the juice is labeled as having been pasteurized, then it and its container are probably reasonably sanitary ...


The tablets work pretty much instantaneoulsy, so as long as you crush the tabs well before using them (keep in mind that 1 will treat up to 20 gal.) and give then 5 min. to work, you'll be fine. As to your CO2 question, you need to have a CO2 tank to dispense. The sugar you added will carb the cider, but you'll lose it all if you don't add more CO2 to ...


It may be that the yeast consumed all the oxygen so no more oxidation could take place. Also, the darker coloured compound have likely broken down the oxidised compounds, lightening the solution.

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