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No reason why not. It's just cider. Though the lees will give you some weird flavors. And bad gas.


Sounds like the yeast failed. additives: Pectolase, nutrition salts, 2 table spoons campden powder all added 2 days earlier Do you mean that these were added two days prior to pitching the yeast? Two tablespoons seems high to me. I often add no sulphite, it the apples were in good shape before pressing. Otherwise, I add one Campden tablet per ...


The apple juice might have some viable wild yeast present, or it may be yeast from the air inoculated the juice. Wild yeast has a low alcohol tolerance which it probably why your cider has been weak. You'll get better, more consistent results by adding cultured yeast. Champagne yeast is fine choice, if you like your hard cider without any residual sweetness, ...

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