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Did he brew beer also? If so he may have been making Malted Cider 50/50 beer wort and Apple juice. Or it may have simply been Apple juice and using a bakers yeast that lended a slight bready flavor to be similar to a beer malt taste. Or even a spontaneous fermentation from juiced apples. Did you have an Apple tree? Using a foil cover works really well ...


If it was from clear juice it may not need it at all. From fruit then go for it. Pectolase is fine to add at your stage but is better at the start of fermentation so the fermentation helps to keep it moving around, and the enzyme releases more trapped sugars so expect some more fermentation. You should be fine with some good swirling.


Okay so for those that are reading this I have found the answers to these questions: How much yeast to 1 gallon of organic cider: 1/2 Packet of champagne yeast. How long to let it ferment for that beer taste: about 4 days. Once it is done fermenting do I need to do anything or just refrigerate it? YES! Remove the hard cider with a pump into another jug ...

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