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I cool my kettles in large plastic buckets. The kettles easily float, so no contact with plastic and no melting. I run a hose into the bucket and turn the tap on low. The water spills out over the top, so this is an outdoors-only solution. It works very well.


If you are still considering using a plastic bucket for your cooling bath, put a couple of red bricks inside, beneath your kettle. They should insulate the plastic from the hot metal. Also, since I don't yet have enough rep to add comment... Have you considered using your bath tub instead of your sink? Can both cubes fit in your sink simultaneously? If ...


If you are going to use a cube for No Chilling, I just don't see any reason not to follow the vetted No Chill doctrine of the Aussies, which says, very clearly "Do not be tempted to cool the cube prematurely". Hundreds of Aussie brewers pioneered this technique, and its "common knowledge" in that group that you can mess up and catch an infection in the cube ...

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