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For the primary go with 5 gallons so you have plenty of headspace for any foaming. For the secondary, i'l split between the 3 gallon carboy and get a 1 gallon jug for the remainder. This way you can keep the headspace to a minimum, and you have extra same batch cider in hand if you need to top off for any reason. Which you will because Apple drops a TON of ...


1) Go with a 5 gallon primary, this is the one you want ample head space in, secondary filling to the neck minimizes O2 exposure. O2 exposure is only an issue once you have alcohol in the cider, there are several ways to minimize this in secondary. 2) I wouldn't dilute with water, it will only lower the OG reducing the final ABV


How about this... Use your carboy handle. Tighten the wing nut so the handle is hard to move. Adjust it to hold the Bung down like this: 8 Ways to use a carboy handle

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