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Have a look at Priming Sugar Calculator here. You can also create recipes, adjust gravity or bitterness, scale a recipe, create brew sessions and many more. There are also other calculators included like Yeast Pitching Rate, Keg Carbonation, ABV , Sparge Water, Washed Yeast.


I can't imagine anyone suggesting bottling at a FG of 1.042 I would return them to the fermenter and allow fermintation to complete. Those are bottle bombs. Be careful. Many yeasts don't survive at 6.5% ABV, but there are plenty that do. Wine yeasts for example. At 1.042 we would call that a stalled or stuck fermentation, and a more tolerant yeast can be ...


Relax. As stated yes your beer is carbonating during all stages of fermentaion, as c02 and alcohol is by product from yeast consuming sugars. But the beer won't hold the carbonation since it's not in a sealed container, nor should it be (it's not recommended for a novice brewer, but can be done). So the beer should be "flat" during fermentaion, as in not ...

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