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Based on my experience, you'll have more than enough yeast to carb. I've lagered beer for 2-3 months and still had plenty. If you really feel that you need to add yeast, any neutral yeast will be fine. I tend to use US05 becasue it's inexpensive, easy and reliable. You use so little that it has no effect on flavor, so you don't need a lager yeast.


Your general understanding is pretty much spot-on. I think the thing to consider here is that your reasoning assumes that half or a third of the priming sugar is meant to yield the same amount of carbonation as it would in the bottle. I'd argue this isn't the case. Notice how recommendations like this keg-underpriming 'common wisdom' usually don't go so far ...


If only some of the bottles were overcarbonated, in my experience that means the priming sugar wasn't mixed into the beer thoroughly enough in the bottling bucket. Two ways to ameliorate that are: if you have enough length, coil the tubing coming from your racking cane on the bottom of the bucket, creating a gentle whirlpool sanitize a spoon and gently ...


The thing about champagne yeast (and other wine yeasts) is that they have been selected to eat a lot a of fermentable sugar with little nutrients around. Another facet of this is, even though the yeast is recommended for a particular temperature doesn't mean it won't ferment outside that range, or wake up later to finish the job. As long as there is live ...

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