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It's a matter of volume. I don't know the PSI of a typically charged beer bottle, but less just talk about the math, without doing any math. :) 5 psi in a beer bottle in much less pressure than 5 PSI in a keg. The PSI is the same, but there are a lot more square inches in a keg than in a bottle. Cubic inches really, but the measurement is how much force it ...


There's a lot of debate about if you really do need to use less sugar to prime a keg. From my point of view, it's an unsettled question. I'd advise you to experiment and decide for yourself.


Your general understanding is pretty much spot-on. I think the thing to consider here is that your reasoning assumes that half or a third of the priming sugar is meant to yield the same amount of carbonation as it would in the bottle. I'd argue this isn't the case. Notice how recommendations like this keg-underpriming 'common wisdom' usually don't go so far ...

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