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My LHBS suggested the trash can idea. He told me to put the grain in a trash bag, tie that up, the into the sealed trash can for safe keeping. Should last a while using this method.


I have a dog food container from Petsmart that would be perfect. It holds 40-50 pounds of dog food and has a top that screws on and seals. It was a bit pricey ($40?), but it has been outside for a year and no water or mice have gotten in.


Equipment manufacturers use distributors to pass their products onto consumers as they are focused on R&D, manufacturing and quality management, not customer service. With a few exceptions, like Dell and Apple in the PC arena, suppliers will not sell direct to consumers for a number of reasons. Agreements with their distributors, prevent them from ...


I've also been told by the LHBS that standard plastic buckets (Home Depot style, not food grade) is fine for grain storage. Though you will need more than one to store a 40 lbs. bag. The type of plastic is unimportant. Just make sure the bucket has a tight fitting lid.


I am using those vacuum bags used to reduce the volume of clothes, like this one: I first decided to use this when I had 13Kg of malt that was getting old, and already had some bugs (I don't know how they are called in english). Since they need oxygen to survive (and this bag removes it all), after a few hours, I could see them trying to escape. Update. ...


Great post on exactly this topic yesterday with lots of options on homebrewfinds: Seems like a very good and cheap option is 5 gallon buckets with gamma seal lids.


I've learned the hard way that Grain looses it's freshness after about 12 months and becomes stale tasting after 24 months. (I took a break from brewing for 2 years, and started back using my existing grain stock. Couldn't figure out why the first few batches tasted so...meh, but figured out eventually that it was the old grain.) Grain stales quicker when ...


Be sure that however you store it, it is in a rodent-proof container. Mice will have a feast if they come across your stored grain, and they will set up shop nearby (or possibly inside your container).

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