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Adding pure sugar to any beer style does a few things. First, it increases the ABV. This is only an issue if it gets you an alcohol % that is noticeable in the flavor profile of the beer. Brown Ale certainly has no tolerance for any kind of warm alcohol flavor (unlike Barleywines, or big Belgians), so make sure your ABV doesn't go up past 7-8%. Second, it ...


I don't think you'd go wrong with any of those four malts. However, if you're trying to closely adhere to the style guidelines, Golden Promise is probably the best malt, with FMMO next, regular Maris Otter, and lastly the Mild Malt. Because a Southern English Brown highlights the sweetness of the malt, with more subtle accents of side flavors, like ...


more grains/sugars yields more food for yeast, yields higher alcohol. depending on your your starting gravity you may be able to simply increase the grain (or candy sugar) and still be within a tolerable alcohol range for the yeast to perform optimally. however if it's a low alcohol tolerant yeast, or you are shooting for a 10+ ABV then you will probably ...


You're probably doing alright. That is a little bit cool for an ale, but the most active part of fermentation is usually done in 3-5 days. The extra few days is for the yeast to go back and clean up some by-products that they left over from the initial fermentation period, and for them to settle out of suspension.

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