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Step up to larger kits like Coopers or Muntons. Then you can experiment with steeping specialty grains and adding hop to enhance flavor as well as adding some dry malt extract.


I'm going to add my vote for Charlie Papazian's New Complete Joy of Homebrewing. I started with it, and have gotten 5 of my friends into the hobby with just that book. I personally started by getting the book, and then reading the first third of it. This covers starting out, extract brewing, and how to do an extract or kit brew from brew day to bottling. ...


John Palmer's How to Brew or Charlie Papazian's New Complete Joy of Homebrewing are good beginner books. In terms of equipment, I suggest using the inventory from the lowest-tier kit sold by Midwest Supplies (currently $70) as a minimal shopping list, plus a 5-gallon kettle, plus a no-rinse sanitizer such as Star-San or Iodophor, and plus a ...


Assuming that the plastic mini keg has been properly cleaned and sanitized, the beer should come out well. I do not know any specific number of times that you can reuse it. You may need to replace seals after a few reuses, and depending on availability, it may just be easier to buy a new plastic mini keg. The mini keg itself shouldn't wear out though ...

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