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I second Brouwer's suggestion. Assuming you mean entry-level home brewing, i.e. extracts and/or kits, not grinding, mashing, sparging & all that other fun stuff, Cooper's may be a good place to start. Extracts have come a long way in the 45 or so years since I made my first 5-gallon batch. So has the quality of dried yeasts. If you want to be ...


Brew whatever you want to drink. I guarantee once you get started, the entire process will become so much easier than you first though it would be. I personally started with an IPA, and never worried. Your stress level will directly correlate with the size pot you have, because boil-overs are typically the biggest issue for a newbie. GL with your brew!


Neither has a discernible amount of fat. Unlike oats. With oats the fat lends to the creaminess you taste in say oatmeal stouts.


Try a simple coopers kit as it's cheap and if you mess up just toss it. Otherwise try an IPA extract recipe. The hops help mask any mistakes you've made. If you haven't already done so it's worth investing in a fridge and temperature controller. It makes the world of difference with the end results.


Something like a pale ale, either American or English, is pretty straight forward in terms of ingredients and procedures. Don't start with a lager...they require extra equipment and time. Some other styles, like Belgian beers, are a bit more finicky in terms of fermentation temp and I'd recommend avoiding them til you get more equipment and experience.


For me I started with an IPA. I'm assuming you're starting with extract brewing, for this showed me the basics of what brewing involves. You're going to have to add hops at various times and its generally just a great recipe to start out with. I've brewed this several times and I'm very happy with the result.


I am in a similar situation with a barrel that I am wanting to use at the moment. It will be wise to fill the barrel with water to swell the wood back out as when it is dry it shrinks letting the liquid out. Fill it for a few days topping up as needed and if the leaks don't stop after those few days(up to a week) then I would use it as decoration. As to ...

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