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1/ No. You can either use hose that's going to be frustratingly difficult to swap off the barbs because it's 1/16" or 1/4" too small, or hose that's easy to remove but needs clamps to keep a seal. Get quick disconnects. If you get brass, make sure it's lead-free. Stainless camlocks are often considered a good cost/benefit tradeoff, but ymmv. The stainless ...


Turns out it was the $40 Blichmann Brewmometer sticking. Exchanging it tomorrow.


I can't answer as to how myrtlewood would affect the beer, but I do want to mention that it's generally not a good idea to let anything made of wood touch your wort or beer after the boil because the porous wood can harbor all kinds of microbes. Around the 15th century, some of the brewing monks started to catch on to the way the angels (yeasts) were ...


Are the bottles that you are using screw tops? That might be the problem. Although some people have had success, others complained about leaks How are you capping? Maybe you are causing damage by using too much force. Test: place a balloon or condom over a bottle. If the item inflates, you have a leak. if it does not, open the bottle (after 2 weeks to ...


Does the Kettle have a thermal cut out switch wired in the circuit with the element? If this is the case the thermal cut out switch switches the element off each time it gets to a specific temp. this is a safety feature and can be bypassed by if you have some electrical knowledge.


It's got to be the element going open at that temperature - 5500W is plenty of power (9 minutes!). I guess this a water heater element, designed to operate at 120F or so, it might even be a 'safety feature'. An inductive ammeter would answer that question very quickly.


It hard to diagnose this without pictures, numbers, etc... Maybe you overprimed, maybe you didn't. Over priming with good caps = beer volcanos. And explosions. And a big mess. So maybe there is something wrong with your caps, bottles, or capper. Leaky caps should have held some gas, giving you random levels of carbonation. The only time I ever had a ...


Your issue sounds like what I just dealt with. Mine was due to an Acetobacter infection. Acetobacter can be caused by many things, mine was probably in part due to poor cooling after boiling. Two batches completely ruined. Some people have let their beer sit and age to see if it works out, I dumped mine. If you use plastics and have ever cleaned with any ...

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