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Anything can be an "ingredient" but as a source of fermentable sugar that takes a little more thinking. As you said liver only contains about 5% glycogen (polysaccaride with a protein core and glucose) Problem 1: 5% useful isn't very much. You really need to think about the other 95% and how it would adversely effect the concoction. IE large amounts of ...


If you're in Paris, you might also want to check out Brew Unique. You can learn how to brew there, get supplies, but Mike and the rest of the staff will also be happy to help you analyze your homebrewed beer if you stop by with a bottle, and to give you tips. I run into other homebrewers every time I stop by.


I would salt and air dry the liver before I add it to any not salted liquid. You would have to dehydrate it too the point where no unwanted bacteria would grow in it. You can basically then use it in a similar way as how beef stock cubes are used for soups. That being said Bovril is another alternative. There is already a tea made from it and it gives a ...


There is a tradition of adding a small amount of meat to cider in a barrel that is slow to start fermenting.

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