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[EDIT] (I only now saw the secondary comment) If you want to Dry Hop (add hops after primary fermentation has completed) then I usually add about 50g of the same hops that was the "lead character" in the brew. Dry hopping is usually 3 to 7 days before bottling/kegging. Just add the hops to the fermenter. Don't do anything like boiling the hops. Just weight ...


I would try to add saaz at the end of boiling (0 min) and dry hopping with more saaz 2 days before bottling. You could check hops characterists at hopunion: https://www.hopunion.com/saaz/


Late answer, but here goes: Look through the existing profiles to something that matches your setup the closest. Copy that profile and give it a new name. I have a 3 tier system with a hot liquor tank, a drinks cooler with false bottom for mash tun and a stainless steel kettle. First: get a large measuring jug and fill it to the top value. Pour this into ...

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