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The volume to use is the final volume you are aiming for in the fermenter; yes the post boil volume. Lovibond -> SRM °L = (SRM + 0.76) ÷ 1.3546


The best solution would be to try and direct the wild fermentation into a controlled one. The strange smell ("smells like goat" or garlic or bad eggs or rotten meat, depending on whom you ask) that you have may very well be what's called "Böckser" in German and "goût de bock" in French. I'm not aware of an English translation other than off-flavour. It ...


You can use Campden tablets (Potassium or Sodium Metabisulfite) or equivalent product available from your local home brew store, dissolved in a little water (and a bit added to each bottle), to inhibit wild yeast if you don't want any alcohol produced. I can't tell you the exact quantity you would need however.


Wild yeast must have gotten into the bottles, and yeast will ferment any simple sugar solution. Depending how long fermentation has been going you might already have some weird wild yeast-derived off-flavors, but hopefully you're catching this early enough to save the batch I would pasteurize them in the bottles to kill off the yeast: Place all of the ...

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