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I have some still pomegranate cyser that I have been aging for 6 months. When it was in primary it had a murky red brown color to it. After the fermentation process is complete the suspended yeast should start to settle out and begin clearing the liquid leaving a red coloring. The long you let it age the clearer it will get. I don't ad tannin to mine, ...


My first kit was a 20 min boil kit. It was all pre-hopped extract and a packet of dry yeast. Here is a link they are easy and fun and make surprisingly good beer. If your going to attempt all grain I would go with a brown ale or a hefeweizen as they tend to be more forgiving. Happy Brewing! ...


Start with extracts kits, I started with a IPA, and that turned out well. I next tried to make 2 golden ale's which both turned out terribly, probably because my temperatures where way off.


There are multiple beers brewed using coriander seeds(cilantro seeds), also I am not sure if there is enough oil in cilantro that you could impart the flavor through dry hopping, you would have grind it up fine, but then it would be like drinking a salad.


I'm thinking you can. I was wondering the same thing last month. I had 7.5 lbs. of white wheat malt on hand and mashed it by itself. I used the brew in a bag method since I was concerned about a stuck sparge. Worked great.

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