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Well, I just made my first batch. Tastes great .. but .. I think I was clean, and I thought it was done carbonating. I got one bottle bomb after 7 days .. so I refrigerated the rest. I how have drunk two other bottles, They both were only a little over-carbonated, but I daren't leave them out.


I just bought a Portugese Floor Corker, and find corking to be a lot easier than bottling. Initially, I was soaking my corks in Star San but that was causing infections-- I recommend you do not soak your corks in anything before corking your bottles.


Hey I got a great video here on Sanitizing/sterilizing bottles: http://youtu.be/uoEvAruBayw


Bottling from a tap is always tough, as you tend to lose carbonation. That is why beer guns and counter pressure bottle fillers were made. If you'd like to fill a bottle without one of the above items, I'd recommend using a length of 5/16" hose attached to your tap. This will allow you to fill your bottles from the bottom up (not top down) and will help ...


Yes you can. I have a video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayd9AKN8-R0 K-meta, i.e. potassium metabisulfate, is fine not to rinse after using, however I personally would still rinse most equipment but not bother with bottles or fermentors (I would rinse something I was going to drink within 24 hours).

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