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Priming with wort (aka priming with gyle) is a bit tricky to accurately calculate. As Pepi mentions, you aren't working with fully fermentable sugars, so using a direct sugar calculation will be off. When I primed with gyle, I used a calculation based on Papazian's guidelines in the Joy of Homebrewing. I made the assumption that his calculations were to ...


I saved and cleaned my Belgian style bottles and corked a Belgian Strong Ale last year. I steamed the corks for 10 minutes to sanitize and because it made them much easier to insert in the bottles. I learned this technique from an experienced wine maker.


This sort of question might be better suited for http://homebrew.stackexchange.com, they should be able to put a few more knowledgable eyes on your question if you haven't asked there already. That said, I like the priming sugar calculator at Northern Brewer: http://www.northernbrewer.com/priming-sugar-calculator/ because it gives amounts of lots of sugars ...


If your wort is 17°P, then it's 170 g per Liter. °P are approximately the same as % sugar, and I think you can finish the math. BTW your added sugar 8.8g/L is in the right range for a highly carbonated beer. I came up with about 1 liter of wort (for a 20L batch) assuming the wort should be diluted about 19.3:1 for correct carbonation, but that isn't ...

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