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Compute the total amount of spraymalt required to carbonate your entire batch of beer. Dissolve that amount of spraymalt in a cup or two of water to create your priming solution. Boil it briefly to sanitize. Allow it to cool. Pour it into your bottling bucket. Rack the beer onto it. Personally, I find that giving the entire batch a gentle stir at this point ...


I drank beer in Africa I'm pretty sure was not sanitized. It was 80 degrees at room temp or more. Man was it good after patrolling the communist demarcation points. If only it was cold.sanitize, hang upside down and bottle within 48. Works fine


With a really sticky label I scraped off as much as I could and tried both ammonia and nail polish remover, not at the same time! My vote goes to the nail polish remover. it seemed to work more effectively. Dab it on and let it sit for a minute to dissolve the adhesive. It's a elbow grease project in any case.


It's much more likely that your fermentation is done, not stalled. That temp is not high enough to hurt the yeast, but it is high enough to make the fermentation go very quickly. Given that and your current gravity reading, it's \done and you can bottle.


I am not sure what country you are in, but if you are in South Africa (or willing to pay shipping) here are some links: Consol Glass: http://products.consol.co.za/products/alcoholic-beverages Nampak: http://www.nampak.com/Downloads/beer.pdf


Our local beer shop sells recycled bottles? Either that my local pub saves me bottles that normally get smashed and recycled so you could ask there?

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