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My main concern would be with what's in the extra air volume. If you don't purge it with CO2, a couple things could happen: The O2 in room air could oxidize your beer causing off flavors. There could potentially be microbes in the air that could infect your beer and cause off flavors, although this is rather unlikely. Purging with CO2 will remove the O2 ...


I use the fermentation bucket for bottle sanitizing. I agree with Chino Brews in recommending the use of a no-rinse sanitizer. I've been using BTF Iodophor. It only requires a two minute contact and no rinsing (rinsing is prohibited, actually). I've been brewing for about 9 months (not long, I know) and I'm working on my 7th beer now and I have had good ...


There is not a lot of information on Bruclens on the Internet, but it seems like it is packaged and sold by Wilkos in the UK, and its active ingredients include sodium percarbonate (the same active ingredient in OxyClean Free, which is a cleanser), and 7% chlorine (which is the sanitizer). If I just made the sterilizer came in to contact with all of the ...


I'm assuming you have a bottling bucket? Can't you just fill the sterilizer directly into the bottles? Then leave them for 10 mins before emptying and putting the same sterilizer into the next batch of bottles.

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