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Can you not just put the bottles on a dry cycle, which uses heat but no water? If you put the bottles in wet (or if you pour a little water in the bottom of the dishwasher before starting it) you will get steaming action to help with the sanitization, but it's really the heat you need not the cleaning action of the dishwasher.


You really don't want rinse aid on your bottles. My dishwasher rinse aid reservoir has a little dial (meant to control level of rinse aid being dispensed) that I can turn off for sanitizing bottles. Every dishwasher is different, so check yours, under the cap? In lieu of this, if your rinse aid dispenses out a hole instead of through threading in the cap, ...


I didn't tried this on a beer bottle (i might tonight), but generally when i want to peel a sticker off, i just heat the sticker with a hair dryer. Then it just peels off. EDIT: I tried this a few days ago, it did not work.

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