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Are we talking about lack of carbonation or a missing head here? You say it's flat which would mean there is no CO2 but it seems like there is. A beer doesn't taste flat without a head if it has CO2 in it. If your beer doesn't carbonate there is either not enough yeast and/or not enough sugar. What you ca do: turn the bottles up-side-down, maybe your yeast ...


It's English beer, which is meant to be flat no?! haha ;) Just pour it with a bit more gusto! Also, if you are getting a good psssssst when opening, you could try storing it cold in a fridge for a week or so to aid the absorption of any CO2 from the head-space of the bottle into your beer :) Cheers!


Head retention has many factors. was your glass clean or had some residue on it? was there left over soap or oil in the fermenters? (didnt rinse well enough) protein content hops, and recipe play a big part too.... but the real question is how does it taste? if it tastes fine then i wouldnt worry about the head. On my irish red ale, it did not have any head ...


Give it some time. I had a stout take about a month before there was a decent head.


I do a two step bottling method. Carbonate the beer in one bottle then transfer it to another bottle recapping before it losing carbonation. You will definitely need a second pair of hands for this. But you vastly decrease the amount of sediment.

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