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From personal experience, a camping burner usually does not offer enough power to heat your wort to proper temps. In South Africa we have the Cadac brand of camping burners and it takes hours to get your wort to 80, and then you are not even at a rolling boil! I brought my CA6 Six ring burner for about $20. These burners are very sturdy and will last a ...


Over the years, I have moved from the stove in my kitchen to outdoors using a propane burner. I have gone through 3-4 different burners looking for n that was both maximally effective and also quiet. This is what I currently use and by far the best I've found....Bayou Classic Burner . That style of burner is available from a number of sources.


NASA burner Pros: it's cheap and powerful. Cons: it's NOISY.

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