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The biggest reason you want one, in my experience, is that using an auto siphon with your kettle will quickly ruin it if you ever need to move hot liquid. I use my kettle to heat may mash and sparge water, so it's nice to be able to just connect high temp tubing to the valve. Otherwise, if you are only using it for wort, and you chill your wort to a ...


You can always add one later. I have them on all my kettles and they're helpful, but not a necessity for basic brewing. I'd say the biggest thing mine do for me is allow me to use a pump for recirculated chilling. But you can always go on stages, adding a valve (the weldless kits work great) and pump, etc. as need and finances dictate.


I agree, boil overs suck! the extra head space you get from a large pot help reduce the likelyhood of a boil over. but a 3 gallon pot is measured to thr rim. 2.5 gallons will likely only have a couple or few inches of headspace. any stirring, boiling, relocating will cause waves to wash over the sides. I do partial boils and use an 8 gallon kettle and love ...


I think it will be too small. The ROT is that you want a pot at least 50% bigger than your batch size.

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