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Pubs that stock Grolsch will often let you have their bottles, for £4 per crate, which is a lot less than you would usually pay for empty bottles. They have a deal with Grolsch to return the bottles (and crates) for that amount, but apparently Grolsch is awful at picking up regularly, so most places have a case or two, or sometimes 10, hanging around that ...


This Wired article may help shed some light on wavelengths and bottle colour. http://www.wired.com/2013/03/physics-and-green-beer-bottles/ Amendment 1 Light in wavelengths of 350 nm to 520 nm (upper UV to mid-visible light) is known to cause skunky beer. Green bottles allow green light (520 nm to 550 nm) to pass through, whereas brown bottles (ranging ...

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