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The keg should be fine. Oxygen shouldn't have gotten in, unless it was a corny keg with really bad seals. Carbonation time for a standing keg is something like a week (or more?), but I would expect some carbonation after two days. If crank up the pressure up to 20 or 30psi and shake the keg for half an hour, you can get it done much quicker. If you don't ...


Ok, I'm use a plate chiller and a false bottom in my boil kettle. I usually handle this in one of two ways. At flame out I would add hops and let it sit for 15 mins before running it through the chiller. Or, since the intent is mostly to add aroma I'd add to or include it in my dry hop.


If you are allergic to gluten, then you CAN make a "gluten-free" beer using Clarity Ferm from White Labs. http://www.whitelabs.com/other-products/wln4000-clarity-ferm It is an enzyme that cleaves gluten proteins to reduce them to levels below 20ppm (the minimum standard to be considered "gluten free"). It does cleave hordein, the main allergen ...


I don't know if you'll actually ever see this answer but here goes. I am also allergic to malt. I don't understand where people are coming from with some of their answers as they bring gluten into the discussion. I believe malt is a separate ingredient. Aside from most beers, I also cannot drink a chocolate malt and I can't eat a couple blister packages of ...

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