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While these are nice lists I would like to point out that you do not need a 5 gallon bucket and carboy. I like to experiment with new recipes using a two gallon bucket and an old one gallon apple cider jug. Cheap, easy, and provides 8 bottles of beer in much less (brew day) time than a five gallon batch.


it's interesting to me to see people saying that cascade is used commonly as a bittering hop. I was going to make a batch of Amber ale which uses chinook as the bittering hop, but realized it didn't have any on hand (d'oh!). I had some cascade laying around and thought to myself, 'can I use this for bittering instead of aroma?' did a little digging on ye ...


It's impossible to know what you're creating when you did not tell us about any of: the recipe extract or all grain; mash temperature gravity readings what size/volume fermentor; bucket or carboy yeast fermentation temperature As for the fermentor: it's great (!) that there is foam coming out the airlock since that means it won't explode. But the fact ...

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