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This will not work with a tea-bag or any other kind of cloth. Unless it's enclosed in a very fine membrane the yeast would easily be able to get through, then disperse and propogate in the main liquid. However, something like this can actually be done. Some homebrewers have taken a high-technology cue from industrial beer and do what's known as an ...


We did some fruit pale ales last year with dehydrated fruit. We have a dehydrator and dried the fruit at 165 to kill off baddies and sealed it up till use. We did pineapple, kiwis, strawberries and chili peppers, non had any infection, even 6 months after. So it's an idea. Also the strawberry tasted amazing!


For a typical 5% ABV beer, brewed between 16 and 20°C, allow 10-14 days for fermentation to stop, and few more days for the yeast to clear. But using bread yeast might get you a different result. Starting with about 10% sugar you would expect to get a 4-5% beer, but your yeast might have other ideas and quit before it gets that far. After the bubbling ...


I would use gravity. Start by taking a liquid line with a picnic tap and filling with sanitizer. Next, put your keg on a counter. Take the lid off your keg (to de-pressurize). Connect your liquid tap to your keg, then open the tap. You should be good to go. Make sure to catch the first bit into a bucket, as you'll want to dump it since it has the sanitizer.


I know this is an old post, but there is an alternative way i have found to work. If you have your keg in a kegorator and have run out of cO2, then follow these steps. First start by disconnection the cO2 from the keg coupler. use a bicycle pump with a needle used for blowing up sports ball to replace the cO2. Attach the needle to the cO2 line and use duct ...


The keg should be fine. Oxygen shouldn't have gotten in, unless it was a corny keg with really bad seals. Carbonation time for a standing keg is something like a week (or more?), but I would expect some carbonation after two days. If crank up the pressure up to 20 or 30psi and shake the keg for half an hour, you can get it done much quicker. If you don't ...

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