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Clones of 21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon wheat beer tend to add it late in primary or in secondary. Make your beer about 1/8th watermelon, and add everything.


Sure. This amounts to a large starter, so you may be slightly overpitching, but I've used the yeast cake from a 5 gallon batch to ferment another 5 gallon batch and had no issues. Depending on the style you are brewing, this could change the flavor somewhat, so to get an optimal pitching rate you could use a yeast calculator and discard part of your yeast ...


These yeast started out with a similar roots s.cerevisiae and diverged some time around the 15th Century, when it is thought to have hybridized with a new world yeast(Saccharomyces eubayanus). It is then likely that the yeast harvesting methods of different brewing techniques progressively selected for more specific varieties. In British and similar ...


I just made a watermelon wheat that came out great. The process involved first juicing the watermelon to separate the pulp. Then I added the juice to my sparge water so the watermelon flavor and sugars would be incorporated into the boil. The pulp was later added to the secondary to impart even more watermelon flavor. Overall, it was a lot of work but worth ...


Have you tried taking apart and cleaning out everything below the tubing (valve / dip tube, etc). I had an issue with excessive foam that turned out to be some hop trub getting picked up and clogging the valve. Give everything a thorough cleaning and make sure all o-rings are seated properly before going to more drastic measures.


Half of the people I know give their dogs a little beer now and then, whether they're having a barbecue, a bonfire, or simply hanging out at the fishing hole, and like the above post, many of these dogs outlived their human counterparts. So from my experience through the years, beer is not harmful to dogs. Course then, I reckon you'll have to decide that for ...

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