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A small consideration would be cost. Having your quaffing beer in champagne bottles with real cork and fancy cages would be a waste of time. But doing this to your special quad would be very acceptable.


IPAs and other hop focused styles can be affected by the packaging. It is reported that the type of bottle cap used will scavenge either malt or hop aromas, so you must use the correct one. All bottle caps over time will let some oxidation occur, so that will kill an IPA. Where inturn a can will not allow any oxidation of the beer, so the IPA stands up ...


The only consideration that comes into bottle choice really is serving size and glass strength due to carbonation levels. (Some highly carbonated styles see thicker glass for safety reasons.) Then there is bottles that will accept corks. Across all the different styles I've encountered in corked bottles I can't say its specific to any style. Again you see ...

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