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The bacon flavor could be coming from a couple of different things but it would be hard to pinpoint exactly without a sample. Here are a few things it could be. The first thing is that you can get a smoky flavor from the chocolate malt, the roasted barley, and other dark roasted grain, this happens when you use a larger percentage of these dark grains in ...


Similar to drunk-monkey's brew club, I've done this. I used a fairly usual (in-style) porter recipe and "dry hopped" with bacon bits. I didn't use BacOs as they're soy and I'm completely against the idea, but the sort in the grocery aisle marked "real bacon bits." (Link) The only worry I had was the salt content, but it didn't seem to matter very much. The ...


Over the summer a home brew club out of St Louis mad a BLT beer for an event trying to make the world's largest BLT sandwich. For the bacon beer, they made a smoked porter and "dry-hopped" with Bacos. It got in the bacon flavoring without the grease from real bacon


A conglomeration of your answers and my own, here is my solution. I will report back... Excerpt: So, here’s my plan. I’m going to put a slotted baking sheet over a regular flat baking sheet. I’m going to make some sort of awesome contraption of tin foil that will keep the bacon somewhat vertical. Like seats, for the bacon. I’...


Garret Oliver from Brooklyn Brewery has been experimenting with bacon in beer.


My first guess (and this is really nothing but a guess) would be the mix of chocolate, roasted & black patent barley. Different mixes are going to give you different flavors -- coffee, chocolate, dark-roast, etc. This mix is the magical 'bacon' mix. Rauchbeers can also taste bacon-y, but they are using smoked malts. None of the malts in your beer are ...


It's likely an infection. Both pedio and lactic infections can produce smoky phenolics. Unfortunately, I have experience with that!


I've been meaning to try a bacon beer for quite some time now... Thinking through the flavors though I think it would be mostly like Alaskan Smoked Porter. You wouldn't really have to use pork, and if you think about it, there's a ton of pumpkin beers that have no pumpkin. If you really want to use the pig, expect zero head. Also you might want to look ...

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