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Have been doing cider for sometime and decided to do a BIG double IPA. Threw my yeast in at 120 f after watching a YouTube video that did not even show the cool down temp process...low and behold I had a pillow near the carboy the entire first night and the batch was, well...not to excited with me. Asked my local home brew supplier and he advised to add ...


It could be that your pack wasn't as healthy or fresh as what you are used to seeing with Nottingham packs. I saw several other posts online of poor fermentation characters from this same yeast. So comparing the attenuation from one manufacturer to the next might be a little misleading. I'd had to see how low attenuating mangrove jack yeast strain would ...


The attenuation rating for yeast is meant as a way of comparing one strain to another using a standard wort. It may not reflect the attenuation you can actually expect. The actual attenuation is much more dependent on wort composition than attenuation rating. Using the same yeast I can get anywhere from about 60-85% attenuation depending on the wort.


I made the following beer: 90% malted 2-row barley 10% flaked maize mashed between 66 and 69 degrees celcius 1.043 original gravity fermented with M79 1.011 final gravity Had I fermented this with my usual Nottingham, I would have expected this to get down to around 1.007 FG. I fermented with M79, and it only got down to about 1.011 (about 70% ...

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