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Water may be the problem, but I'd focus on some easier solutions first. Confirming mash temp with a second thermometer. Mashing a little thinner (1.5-1.75qt/lb)and cooler (145-149F). And I would strongly recommend repeating one of the same beers you've already made so you can compare the end result with a prior result. THIS IS VITAL otherwise you really ...


pH does affect attenuation ^^ Refer to the link for info on pH and attenuation ;) http://braukaiser.com/wiki/index.php?title=Effects_of_mash_parameters_on_fermentability_and_efficiency_in_single_infusion_mashing


I think you are over thinking and and mis-interpreting the point of the "theory of mashing" article. That table regarding mash temp and attenuation is only specific to the wort tested. It's meant as a demonstration of how increasing temps may make a less fermentable wort. Fermentability of a wort is based on much more than temperature of the mash. The ...

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