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In the case of a high gravity beer, if the initial yeast is limited by the alcohol content from otherwise consuming consumable sugars, pitching any yeast with a higher alcohol tolerance than the initial yeast would "dry it out" further by consuming any sugars left after the environment became intolerable for the initial yeast. This is why this practice is ...


Water may be the problem, but I'd focus on some easier solutions first. Confirming mash temp with a second thermometer. Mashing a little thinner (1.5-1.75qt/lb)and cooler (145-149F). And I would strongly recommend repeating one of the same beers you've already made so you can compare the end result with a prior result. THIS IS VITAL otherwise you really ...


pH does affect attenuation ^^ Refer to the link for info on pH and attenuation ;) http://braukaiser.com/wiki/index.php?title=Effects_of_mash_parameters_on_fermentability_and_efficiency_in_single_infusion_mashing


I think you are over thinking and and mis-interpreting the point of the "theory of mashing" article. That table regarding mash temp and attenuation is only specific to the wort tested. It's meant as a demonstration of how increasing temps may make a less fermentable wort. Fermentability of a wort is based on much more than temperature of the mash. The ...

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