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It's the honey, but not likely a problem. Meads when young smell and taste horrible, like as you put it; nail polish remover. In every case of mead I have experienced this, and the only resolution was time. Let it age and it mellows out to something indescribably good and heavenly. The only mead I ever made which didn't suffer from this acetone problem was ...


This sounds like Acetaldehyde. It may be caused by infection (worst case), or by not enough starting oxygen for yeast, underpitching, bad yeast condition, wrong temperature of fermentation, oxygenation too late in the process, and some other reasons. Luckily, given time yeast should be able to process it into ethanol. So if this is not an infection, just ...


Centennial will give a pronounced grapefruit flavor.


Citra is a good bet for grapefruit aromas. Check this link for a nice tool to help with hopping your beers https://www.hopunion.com/aroma-wheel/

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